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In the News "A major new report from a consortium of academic researchers concludes that media piracy can't be stopped through 'three strikes' Internet disconnections, Web censorship, more police powers, higher statutory damages, or tougher criminal penalties. That's because the piracy of movies, music, video games, and software is 'better described as a global pricing problem'. And the only way to solve it is by changing the price."
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RE: generation 'entitlement'
by bert64 on Tue 15th Mar 2011 20:47 UTC in reply to "generation 'entitlement'"
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So what... a ferrari sports car is ten times more expensive in poor countries relative to income. Does that mean that the ferrari is incorrectly priced?

How much does it cost you to build a functional copy of a Ferrari sports car? Considering the complexity of a modern car, especially a high performance or luxury car, it would probably cost you considerably more to build your own.
And even if you did build a clone ferrari, you would still need to fuel it... Performance cars are generally not very cheap to fuel.

Piracy and counterfeiting is only a problem for goods which are ridiculously priced relative to their production cost, why do designer clothes cost so much more than generic mass produced clothes for instance? They're made with the same materials, in the same chinese sweat shops...

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