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Internet Explorer Yes, yes, yes - that's what you get for releasing Internet Explorer 9 in the middle of the night, Microsoft! A post on OSNews that's late! I'm sure that'll teach you. Anywho, as you may have noticed, Microsoft is back in the browser game - Internet Explorer 9 has been released.
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IE9 Vs Chrome 6 Joke from Microsoft
by TusharG on Wed 16th Mar 2011 18:18 UTC
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I cannot stop laughing!!!!
On Microsoft India site they have compared IE9 with Chrome 6 and have tried to prove that IE9 is better than Chrome 6!!!
For those who don't know - The current Chrome version is 10! Is far far better than Chrome 6 version.

Here is a link:

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I think the front page copy just hasn't been updated. If you actually click on the tables, it takes you to a more detailed view comparing against Chrome 9 beta and FireFox 4 beta 11. Still out of date and pretty embarrassing; you'd think they'd be less negligent given that this is an important release for them--nevermind that most of these types of charts tend to be rubbish.

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Yah I know when you click it goes inside and shows deeper comparison. However at first place they should have not compared chrome version 6 against IE9... gives kind of bad impression, it gives me message that IE9 is better than chrome 6 and chrome 6 was where IE9 is today! and when i digg more I will endup finding Chrome 10 must be now way too better!

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