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Benchmarks A comment on the recent article about the Bali release of Googles WebM tools (libvpx) claimed that one of the biggest problems facing the adoption of WebM video was the slow speed of the encoder as compared to x264. This article sets out to benchmark the encoder against x264 to see if this is indeed true and if so, how significant the speed difference really is.
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RE[5]: Nice
by lemur2 on Thu 17th Mar 2011 02:50 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Nice"
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To my eye the smearing/blurring looked worse in this particular example, and the artifacts you speak of that x264 often generates were barely visible. I have seen examples that fall in line with what you speak of and I also find webm often looks better, but in this case it didn't. I'm just trying to be as fair as possible.

Fair enough. I merely point it out because, as has been said by other posters before in this very thread, sometimes it is easy to get carried away with trying to measure one result versus another without actually considering the actual implications of the metrics ... in this case, that would be the actual visible-to-viewers impact on the observed video in real time play, versus what can be seen in still frames.

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