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Internet Explorer Yes, yes, yes - that's what you get for releasing Internet Explorer 9 in the middle of the night, Microsoft! A post on OSNews that's late! I'm sure that'll teach you. Anywho, as you may have noticed, Microsoft is back in the browser game - Internet Explorer 9 has been released.
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RE[3]: Good first step
by Halo on Thu 17th Mar 2011 13:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good first step"
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Won't happen, because it's anathema to enterprise.

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RE[4]: Good first step
by modmans2ndcoming on Thu 17th Mar 2011 22:18 in reply to "RE[3]: Good first step"
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As long as they allow enterprise to package it with that setting turned off, then there is no reason why they can't do that.

Name one enterprise that does not build an MSI package of any software they push out to the desktops.

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