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GTK+ I've been ragging on GNOME a little bit lately, so let's balance things out by talking about something I found quite fascinating: the Gtk+ HTML back-end. This will enable you to run any Gtk+-application inside Firefox 4.0 (only Firefox 4.0 is supported at the moment).
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RE: X11 Forwarding over SSH?
by jjezabek on Sat 19th Mar 2011 02:54 UTC in reply to "X11 Forwarding over SSH?"
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My understanding is that this is fairly similar to X11 forwarding, in that the program state (and logic) is still stored on the remote server and only the output is displayed in the browser.

This would seem like a great feature in the Windows Terminal Services days, but currently it seems that you'll be better off writing a web app, even if it's for internal use only.

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RE[2]: X11 Forwarding over SSH?
by werpu on Sat 19th Mar 2011 07:05 in reply to "RE: X11 Forwarding over SSH?"
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Actually it probably is closer to VNC or a remote Cairo, what happens is that there is a websocket opened and either bitmaps or drawing primitives are pushed towards the client which then renders it into the canvas control.
My personal guess is that bitmap deltas are pushed due to their ease of use, so basically what VNC does. This has been done in the past with applets.

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