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Mac OS X "A commercial ZFS solution is (still) coming to Mac OS X, thanks to former Apple filesystem and OS engineer Don Brady (who previously worked on the abandoned internal Apple project to port ZFS). Brady and his company, Ten's Complement, just launched a limited private beta in hopes to have the software polished and ready for a summer launch this year. Ars spoke with Brady, who has a long history engineering filesystems for Mac OS and Mac OS X, to find out a little about his previous work with ZFS at Apple, and what Mac users can expect to gain from Ten's Complement's port of ZFS."
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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"Hopefully Apple will ease up and allow some sort of licensing arrangement for OS X Server to run on non Apple servers (seeing as they now have none).

Why would they need to? Since OS X Server is basically all of the F/OSS software with a pretty front end...

Sadly, this is not *completely* true. OSX doesn't update their F/OSS very often. Its really outdated ( full of security holes and other nastys), and there really is a lot of F/OSS software not available outside of darwin ports or fink ( which means all of the pretty front end stuff doesn't work with it). It might be a good replacement for an internal small business server that doesn't need exchange, sharepoint, active directory, or anything else MS specific. As long as it only needs the F/OSS that Macs come with.

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