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GTK+ I've been ragging on GNOME a little bit lately, so let's balance things out by talking about something I found quite fascinating: the Gtk+ HTML back-end. This will enable you to run any Gtk+-application inside Firefox 4.0 (only Firefox 4.0 is supported at the moment).
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At least bother reading what I wrote... hint: I was talking about highly specialized in-house apps.

When it comes to public apps then you use HTML+CSS+JS, or flash. And by that I mean HTML pre-5 and CSS pre-3, because HTML5 and CSS3 support won't be built into the majority of browsers. Certainly not into IE6, which still *is* a major browser, and I'm not holding my breath for IE7 or IE8 either.

Edit: I'd like to add the fact that this guy made a fortune by writing a rather crappy Java applet:

Edit 2: By "using HTML+CSS+JS" I was talking about what happens on the client side; on the server you'd either use Java servlets + one of the advanced web frameworks, .NET equivalent, a good web scripting language, or if you're a masochist, PHP.

Bottom line is still that web apps aren't what this technology is useful for; it could be an X11-over-SSH replacement though.

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I think I read that correctly, I just don't agree. :-)

I do think in a few year HTML5 will have a large userbase.

Many webdevelopers are already not dealing with IE6 anymore depending on their audience.

As IE6 currently has 4.6%; IE7 10.06% and falling:

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That graph also shows 30% IE8, which IIRC doesn't support HTML5 either... but then, at least, that browser is new enough to hope ;)

HTML5 support aside, my main point is that GTK-over-HTML5 is a translation layer that might at best come close to the quality of a normal HTML5 + CSS3 web interface. Chances are that in reality it will fall behind.

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