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GTK+ I've been ragging on GNOME a little bit lately, so let's balance things out by talking about something I found quite fascinating: the Gtk+ HTML back-end. This will enable you to run any Gtk+-application inside Firefox 4.0 (only Firefox 4.0 is supported at the moment).
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I think I read that correctly, I just don't agree. :-)

I do think in a few year HTML5 will have a large userbase.

Many webdevelopers are already not dealing with IE6 anymore depending on their audience.

As IE6 currently has 4.6%; IE7 10.06% and falling:

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That graph also shows 30% IE8, which IIRC doesn't support HTML5 either... but then, at least, that browser is new enough to hope ;)

HTML5 support aside, my main point is that GTK-over-HTML5 is a translation layer that might at best come close to the quality of a normal HTML5 + CSS3 web interface. Chances are that in reality it will fall behind.

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I guess we'll have to see how many of the IE8 users upgrade to IE9.

With 52% of the windows users still on Windows XP it mignt not be all that fast:

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