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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A major deal just went down in the United States, which seriously shakes up the mobile industry on the other side of the pond: AT&T has announced it plans to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom.
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Kinda lame
by sc3252 on Sun 20th Mar 2011 20:38 UTC
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Not really sure what to think about this. I guess one thing is I am surprised, since I always assumed it was going to be sprint and not AT&T to buy Tmobile. While this does look bad it might have one posotive effect, it could force AT&T to give up quite a bit of power like locking down phones or something to make this go through(of course if they give up nothing, then this is really bad).

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RE: Kinda lame
by Priest on Mon 21st Mar 2011 14:31 in reply to "Kinda lame"
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It is amazing that even with all that has happened carries still insist on trying to cripple phones as a business model.

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