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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A major deal just went down in the United States, which seriously shakes up the mobile industry on the other side of the pond: AT&T has announced it plans to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom.
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Really.. they're just too god damn big in the first place, and acquisitions like this only make it like ten times worse. And they all get off by f***ing over their customers hardcore, every chance they get, with fine print, hidden costs, contract/"service plan" lock-in agreements with stiff penalties for cancellation, and over-priced services (texting, anyone?). And constant bombardment everywhere you go advertising their damn phones.

Choosing a provider is not a matter of choosing the lowest prices and best service, but getting f***ed over less. As if being subscription-based services doesn't already rake them in enough money to begin with. F*** 'em all.

Sorry, the more I see, hear and read about these companies, the more it drives me nuts. Just had to vent. I wouldn't mind having a cell phone (had one briefly once or twice over the last 6-7 years...), but their bullshit keeps me from doing any kind of business them.

Yippee, AT&T/T-Mobile just got bigger... as if they weren't already big enough.

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