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Multimedia, AV "Addressing a major weakness its plan to build its WebM video technology into the Web, Google yesterday released a version of its VP8 video encoder and decoder designed to be baked into hardware. [...] The hardware implementation of VP8 is called H1 and now Anthill, said Aki Kuusela, engineering manager of the WebM Project, in a blog post. It comes in the form of RTL, or Register Transfer Language, a very low-level description close to how processors actually perform their instructions, and it's available royalty free."
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Previously you had advertising budgets exclusively targeting print, tv, radio.
How much did these big advertising revenues benefit general society? Except for making media moguls rich, subsiding televisions shows.
Advertsing in print,tv and radio has in reality become so expensive that some companies dont even consider a tv adds anymore because you have to compete with big companies for slots...
And how did these advertising moneys went towards advancement of technology?

Google on the other hand use there advertising revenue in a way that benefit even the poor and drive innovation.

Gmail. Google maps. Research tools. Operating systems. Royalty free or FOSS codecs. Google apps. youtube ect. ect..

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