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Apple, home of several cheap iPods, sent us in for a review an 8 GB iPod Touch 4th Gen for a review. Here's what we found.
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best small-personal media player
by WereCatf on Mon 21st Mar 2011 23:50 UTC
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I am probably somehow dysfunctional or something but I have absolutely no use for such devices. I carry a mobile phone with me all the time anyways and a mobile phone does all the things one these does while also including the ability to send and receive SMS messages and phone calls. Ie. it's basically just better to buy a phone that can do both tasks than shell out money for two devices where the functionality overlaps.

With ever more powerful mobile phones and even plain feature phones nowadays starting to sport really good multimedia features and big screen the need for separate media player devices is only bound to diminish over time. Manufacturers need to think of something new that would set these devices over the competition from mobile phone market in order to keep their place in the overall market, innovate a bit more. It remains to be seen if they can do that or will competition from mobile phones with multimedia capabilities continue to push them out.

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I've been using a combination of fairly simple Nokia smartphones and a separate media player for years. I love that my phone battery lasts ages and the phone is actually desinged to call/text people.

I tried using my phone as a media device. There are few advantages like pausing music while receiving a call. On the other hand with bluetooth headphones and music playing the battery didn't last through a day at work.

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On the other hand with bluetooth headphones and music playing the battery didn't last through a day at work.

I suppose the phone was poorly optimized for such use. I can have music playing the whole day, with wifi and bluetooth on and in constant use, and still last 18 hours straight.

So yeah, poorly optimized phones won't last long, well optimized ones will last just as long as any other media player devices.

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phones to a pretty crap job of managing music (outside of an iPhone or a windows phone 7)... you know why? Android has no decent music management software for a PC. (leave your Banshee at home please)

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