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Apple, home of several cheap iPods, sent us in for a review an 8 GB iPod Touch 4th Gen for a review. Here's what we found.
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I have this wonderful noise canceling headset. It does not have A2DP, but I usually listen to audiobooks. But the iPod won't play through the speaker! AirPlay is dead air. It comes up and I could do voice command, I just can't listen to the actual music.

Speaking of audiobooks (iPads do this too), there is no way to delete an audiobook. You can remove songs, but they don't have the audiobook features like 2x playback. You have to tether with iTunes.

And I have this great bluetooth GPS - but again I can't use it (non jailbreak) with the iPod. I'm stuck with the wifi triangulation that doesn't work a lot of the time when I would need it - like on country roads.

Brightness is broken. I change brightness far more than the volume - the screen isn't sunlight readable, but is blindingly bright at night, and the "auto adjust" doesn't do much. Of course I can't swap the volume control buttons, nor is there any kind of popup - that would make too much sense. I have to exit whatever I'm doing, go to preferences, then to brightness. (and whose preference is it to bury Bluetooth in General?). There are nice jailbreak solutions for this too. There needs to be a systray / dock / or whatever so that you don't have to exit apps - this is the other part of multitasking - allowing a few important things in the middle of other apps.

It is a half-baked device - it does a few things extraordinarily well, and has a few stupid, annoying things (apparently "defective by design") that make it seem like an obsolete feature phone.

I have it for development, but I can't really recommend it. And I don't expect them to ever fix these things nor let developers do it.

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