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Legal There's a scene in American Beauty where Kevin Spacey masturbates in the shower, while his voice-over states: "This will be the highlight of my day. It's all downhill from here." That's how I feel right now. We just had Microsoft suing Barnes & Noble, which was already pretty low to begin with, but Apple just upped the ante by suing Amazon... Over the 'app store' trademark. For the love of god.
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complaint is required
by jabbotts on Tue 22nd Mar 2011 16:51 UTC
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Even if Apple didn't want to, they would be legally obligated to persue the issue as trademark owners. Trademark owners who do not persue infringements give up ownership and right to persue further infringements.

The question may be; how much of this zeal is Apple made over other's standing to close to it's sandbox toys versus how much is due to Apple's legal obligation to persue ot give up the mark.

Granted, I'd be more sympathetic toward Apple if it was a company that demonstrated greater repect for other's trademarks rather than "oh.. that's nice.. let's take it and settle later if it turns out that they have as well a funded legal department".

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