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Mozilla & Gecko clones After a very long development phase, Mozilla has finally officially relased Firefox 4.0. The binaries were already up on the FTP sites yesterday, but today the release became official. Firefox 4.0 packs a heck of a lot of new features, including an entirely new user interface.
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RE[2]: Nice one.
by bannor99 on Wed 23rd Mar 2011 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice one."
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I feel your pain. I've been championing the Norwegian contender since '98 - one day, one day, I hope.

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RE[3]: Nice one.
by Lennie on Thu 24th Mar 2011 12:29 in reply to "RE[2]: Nice one."
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I'm still surprised that Mozilla got IE from 95% marketshare down to 60+something in all those years and Opera gained so little at that time.

Maybe Opera wasn't compatibility enough with IE or was it still the interface that just did not appeal to users ?

In the last few years they also lost the very large marketshare they had in Russia to Firefox:

After John Hicks (creator of the original Firefox logo) worked on the Opera interface it became a lot better.

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