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Legal Since competing on merit is looked down upon in the computer and software world, companies in this business usually go for the blindfolded chick with the scale and sword. Up until recently, Microsoft didn't go for the whole patent litigation thing, but now that they've tasted some, they want more. They just sued Barnes & Noble, Foxconn, and Inventec for patent infringement because they use Android.
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RE[2]: Patent Infringement
by demetrioussharpe on Wed 23rd Mar 2011 14:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Patent Infringement"
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"If Android infringes on its patents, I'm afraid that Microsoft is well within its rights to sue anybody that infringes, including the Android licensees.

Unless you're willing to actually do something about the state of patent law -- e.g. create a Political Action Committee to get US Congress's attention -- it doesn't do anyone any good to complain about people exercising their legal rights. It's like complaining about gravity. Or the price of oil.

Put another way, if you believe that GPL licensors have the right to enforce their license agreements through the courts -- and I'm fairly certain that most of you do -- then you are on Microsoft's side here. Without actually realizing it.

OK. Look here. I'm all for a reasonable copyright. But Microsoft is using US idiotic patent system to force everyone to pay for it. Yep, you heard it right.
I live in a country where software patents are explicitly forbidden. Yet when I buy an HTC device , which was not imported from US, was not produced or designed in US, I pay a licensing fee for patents that are valid only in US.
It's all fine and dandy if it's Motorola's or Microsoft's products, because those are American companies and they have to follow US law.
But WHY THE F*CK a Taiwanese company has to follow US laws for devices that are neither produced in US nor sold in US!?!?

Thom is not American, neither is submitter, so I doubt that Americans would like if he creates such a PAC.

EDIT: A bit angry about the issue, so needed to let it out.

I'm an American & I support this post! In fact, I think that software patents should be illegal here, as well!

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