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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless All hail the omnipresent people familiar with the matter.This time, these patrons of the internet have told InformationWeek that Motorola is not satisfied with Google's Android, and that the company is working on its own mobile operating system.
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All these CEOs shouldn't have read "Differentiate Or Die".
Differentiate on hardware! They should just build the best hardware and keep Android untouched. (I hope) Nobody cares for the crappy addons (crapware) they add to Android. Those just make updates more expensive and take longer (or even make them "impossible")

I really hope some Chinese OEM will build the most easily rooted most generic well-build handsets that can just run pure (mostly FOSS) Android. I don't care if Motorola et al can't compete with those .. I don't own their stock.

I want pure Android with maybe a FOSS-only appstore where apps are written well and vetted for privacy, power consumption etc.

That's what _I_ want.

PS. I would even prefer Meego, but might have to travel to a parrallel universe to get it, so it might not be an option.

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Can I ask for frequent updates for everyone too ?

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This. My Samsung phone has amazing hardware but it runs a crippled version of android 2.1. The rooted phones are running 2.2 and 2.3 fine so I don't know what the hold up is.

Maybe they need time to cripple a version enough to deploy it?

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PS. I would even prefer Meego, but might have to travel to a parrallel universe to get it, so it might not be an option.

Well, Nokia will still ship at least one Harmattan device this year, if it's MeeGo enough.

I really hope Motorola would build on the MeeGo effort here, instead of doing a full custom thing.

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If some foreign factory can crank out the best brick of hardware running a stock Google firmware with regular updates then it may be worth looking at to replace my N900 in a year or two. It's still a half gutted software stack limited to Google's closed door development and lack of rolling updates but it might be the best available.

Meego would be far more interesting though.. even with loosing access to the list of .deb packages I've collected for Maemo. A full distro that can run it's sandboxed apps, native apps or easily cross-compiled packages.. oh baby..

Here's hoping Nokia's N910/Meego can put one last solid link in the N### series. At this point, it's down to that or looking at a feature phone plus whatever tablet can run a proper Debian install.

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