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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The company revealed Thursday that it will delay publication of the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) source code for the foreseeable future - possibly for months. It's not clear when (or if) the source code will be made available. The decision puts Android on a path towards a "draconian future" of its own, in which it is controlled by a single vendor - Google. The Ars link linked above is a pretty inflammatory editorial, so see also: Businessweek, GigaOM, The Register.
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Not without a good number of Meego handsets available, it won't...

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Not without a good number of Meego handsets available, it won't...

You need just one handset to be able to support MeeGo at expense of Android. Because, well, you will probably buy just one handset ever so often.

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Yeah, but if its going to have the same limited carrier support that the n900 had .. we can't really choose it. The n900 only worked for 3g on T-mobile with no subsidy available in the US. If Nokia can't do better than that for a meego phone, than it wont be any more successful than the n900 was.

I can't justify the additional cost for a phone thats just ever so slightly more libre-free than android.

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Not without a good number of Meego handsets available, it won't...

Any Android compatible handset should be able to support Meego. Just as the modding community sprang up around Android, I don't doubt they could get Meego running on an Android handset (heck, they have Android running on an iPhone).

It would be an extra step to unlock the Android handset and flash a new Meego-based ROM, but I suspect that the people that value that openness would have no problems doing so.

The mass market won't care either way, as long as things stay shiny and blingy.

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