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Legal "The International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Apple in one of the company's patent disputes with Nokia. ITC Judge E. James Gildea said on Friday that Apple did not violate any of Nokia's five mobile device patents, though the Commission's members must first review the decision before taking any further action." In the vice-versa case, ITC staff sided with Nokia (i.e., Nokia does not violate Apple's patents either).
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RE[2]: Patents, only for big boys
by Morgan on Sat 26th Mar 2011 05:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Patents, only for big boys"
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Or perhaps he isn't a troll but rather has a narrow view of the patent situation?

In fact, I'd call your post trollish or flamebait before the GP, if only because of your demeaning overtones and baiting language. That said, I tend to agree more with you than him, with my actual position being that with well-planned patent reform, it can be a great system to ensure the "little guy" gets what he deserves. Unfortunately that won't come to my country for a long time; our president firmly sides with the corporations for all his otherwise progressive leanings.

So, unfortunately freelance inventors in the U.S. have a built in handicap to success for the foreseeable future.

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