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Mac OS X When you run smbd -V on your Snow Leopard installation, you'll see it's running SAMBA version 3.0.28a-apple. While I'm not sure how much difference the "-apple" makes, version 3.0.28a is old. Very old. In other words, it's riddled with bugs. Apple hasn't updated SAMBA in 3 years, and for Lion, they're dumping it altogether for something homegrown. The reason? SAMBA is now GPLv3.
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RE: Apple's Samba is GPL2
by kaiwai on Sat 26th Mar 2011 06:08 UTC in reply to "Apple's Samba is GPL2"
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Presumably, Apple's reasoning is two-fold: they want better SMB/CIFS support, and they don't see GPLv3 Samba or maintaining a GPLv2 fork as being practical. Specifically, Apple wants better performance and better Windows 7 and AD support - none of that was forthcoming or worth the effort to cram into an old version of Samba, so they wrote their own.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Lion devs report better performance, and it works with Windows 7's modified authentication.

Agreed; from what I have heard SMB 1.0 was pretty much a walking disaster area with SAMBA and Microsoft programmers both screaming in horror when having to maintain it given that it was never cleanly documented from day one. SMB2 is a fresh start for all concerned, written from the ground up with all the parts properly documented and I'm sure Apple realised that the vast majority of people are running Windows Vista and 7 in the next couple of years so it would be best to focus on supporting the technology that people are and will be using than trying to maintain a horrible mess that should have been jettisoned years ago.

What I'd love to know is how does this affect their SMB implementation on Airport Extreme and Time Capsule? Will we see a firmware upgrade to SMB2 or will Apple do a silent refresh of their products to bring SMB2 to the said devices?

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