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Legal "The International Trade Commission has ruled in favor of Apple in one of the company's patent disputes with Nokia. ITC Judge E. James Gildea said on Friday that Apple did not violate any of Nokia's five mobile device patents, though the Commission's members must first review the decision before taking any further action." In the vice-versa case, ITC staff sided with Nokia (i.e., Nokia does not violate Apple's patents either).
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Gone fishing
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I can only conclude you're a troll

Pot may I introduce you to kettle

However I don’t think you need to be a troll to appreciate that the patent system was created to protect and encourage innovation. It has always been a problematic tool and the potential of the patent system to be exploited by large corporations or worse by cartels, to stifle innovation is worrying.

In some areas, which have been well articulated on this site - such as software patents the US patent system is manifestly broken.

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