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Benchmarks "Version 4.6 of GCC was released over the weekend with a multitude of improvements and version 2.9 of the Low-Level Virtual Machine is due out in early April with its share of improvements. How though do these two leading open-source compilers compare? In this article we are providing benchmarks of GCC 4.5.2, GCC 4.6.0, DragonEgg with LLVM 2.9, and Clang with LLVM 2.9 across five distinct AMD/Intel systems to see how the compiler performance compares."
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RE[2]: Clang on Windows
by copx on Wed 30th Mar 2011 09:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Clang on Windows"
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There have been windows binaries since 1.8, provided for MinGW.

No. There are LLVM binaries. LLVM and clang are two different beasts. clang uses LLVM but LLVM can also be used with GCC - those binaries are LLVM-GCC binaries, not clang. There are no clang binaries for Windows on the official site and further research has revealed that basically there is no support. Nobody in the dev team uses or even just builds and tests on Windows. There are Windows makefiles which may or may not work for any given version and basically things are expected to crash and burn on that platform because there is zero testing. Not really surprising given that this is an Apple sponsored project ;)

And if you would have typed "llvm windows", then right the first result would have been a howto on llvm in MSVC.

I knew about that site just like I knew about the LLVM-GCC binaries. I asked for clang binaries and real Windows support.

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