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Microsoft Oh irony, thy silver thorn strikes like the moonlight through my delicate skin. While this complaint could actually hold merit, the fact it's coming from Microsoft lessens its validity somewhat. Redmond has just filed an antitrust complaint about Google in Europe.
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RE: Innovation in what?
by _xmv on Thu 31st Mar 2011 09:59 UTC in reply to "Innovation in what?"
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The market is unfair, yes, so there is something to complain about it, but:
""We readily appreciate that Google should continue to have the freedom to innovate," Smith concludes, "But it shouldn't be permitted to pursue practices that restrict others from innovating and offering competitive alternatives"

So, Google 'innovates' e.g. by adding some new feature in accessing Youtube from their Android phones.
Where is the 'innovation' that Microsoft want to brings in with simply dipping into Google data?
what antitrust is about..
if for example google controls 99% of the video distribution (note the if), then they are a monopoly on that.
If google applies special rules that forbid others to compete (can't start competing service / can't access google service the same way as they do etc) then antitrust applies.

When the service is NOT a monopoly, antitrust does not apply.

IANAL but this is a quick & dirty explanation

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