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Apple Techcrunch is reporting from the usual "reliable sources" that one reason why there was no discussion of iOS 5 at the iPad 2 unveiling was that iOS 5 is going to be delayed until the fall, even though previous iOS updates have been done in the spring, making it a tradition of sorts. Furthermore, the upcoming WWDC will be "software only" and will not include the unveiling of any new hardware, in particular the iPhone 5, which will presumably be released concurrently with the iOS update.
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by jimmystewpot on Thu 31st Mar 2011 13:32 UTC
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Firstly let me state that I am a huge android fan and while there are some usability issues (for me I find the options to configure stuff impossible to find at times) I find the overall experience better (FOR ME) than iOS based devices.

Now.. I think it's clear based on Apple's business success that they would prefer to delay a product than to release something which will come across as haphazard or buggy. Apple users as a general rule hold themselves in pretty high esteem and don't like their glorified products being tarnished with these 'bugs' that people talk about. For example Antenna Gate or whatever it was called, the slow performance on the 3g when going to 4.0 etc. All these, and the responses to these show that apple would prefer to wait for the bugs to be fixed than to go to market. the users benefit and everyone benefits.. Setting the goals high in the apple camp just means that everyone else has to pickup their game to compete.

Now to Android, I've been using android for about 1.5 years.. and over that time I've seen it transform from a pile of steaming <this is a PG web site lol> to something which has transformed the competition in the mobile space. Having recently used my first honeycomb device I was pleasantly surprised by how much the overall user experienced had improved and hope that some of the features filter back into the mobile phone space soon.. however with the rapid pace of development maintaining two distinct platforms with all the handset vendor customisations is going to be a huge challenge moving forward which at the end of the day is going to either end with poor user experience or carriers basically providing an inferior product to what apple offers (i.e. regular untainted updates, which to me is THE distinction between the platforms unless your a nerd and run a custom rom).

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