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Privacy, Security, Encryption Hearkening back to the Sony Rootkit brouhaha from a few years ago, a security researcher is claiming in a Network World article that he detected factory-installed keyloggers in two brand new Samsung Laptops. Samsung has made no official response, but a tech support supervisor contacted by the author said that the keystroke logging software was installed by Samsung to "monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used."
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Please show me where in my post I said that *nixes are "magically immune" to malware? Oh that's right, I didn't.

I never quoted you at all.

Bullshit. Who were you addressing then, when you said "Spreading the same old crap that Unix\Linux is magically immune to these things doesn't help anybody, especially people who take your words to heart and then get burned."

I'm waiting.

you said:

It's highly doubtful that any GNU/Linux or BSD distribution contains something like that, and it's very difficult (but not impossible) to infect such OSes with rootkits. It would depend on an absolutely moronic user

That's not a quote. I made a reference to something you said. I did not quote you, look up quote in the dictionary.

That being said, your post left me with the impression, after reading it, that you believe Linux and OS X is much more secure.

It's hard to say, especially after the breaches at Oracle and mySQL lately, because Linux is very popular on the server, and it's breach rate is as high as Windows, because you don't gain access to a server through users installing shit, or clicking a malicious link, you exploit a hole in apache, or ldap, or OpenSSH, etc.

Linux and OS X are not a security panacea, especially OS X, which is widely known to be pretty crappy, from a security standpoint, with OS X, the versions of most of it's GPL software are old and out of date, and could contain many security holes.

Oh, and I'm not waiting. Learn what quote means.

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