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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has released the first beta for Ubuntu 11.04. This si the first release where Unity is the default desktop environment. All the official Ubuntu derivatives have also bee beta'd.
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A happy Ubuntu user
by haakin on Fri 1st Apr 2011 11:39 UTC
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I just want to say that I'm a very happy Ubuntu user.

I started to use it in 2006, I installed Kubuntu 6.06 then. I had some problems with the language support. The next couple upgrades were a little bit problematic, but nothing very serious. I didn't loose any data, only 1 or 2 hours learning how to solve the problem.

After that, all the upgrades and new installs have been wonderful. All the hardware worked fine. And, each released feels faster and more polished.

About LTS, in an office environment they have a big problem: updates. In my case I want/need to have the newest version of it. In each new version the support of Microsoft formats improves a lot and that's something I need because I work in an MS environment. This is the main reason I upgrade my Ubuntu setup when there is a new version. When I was a SuSE user (yes, SuSE) I upgraded much less frequently.

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