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Apple "Apple has begun a new program, called AppleSeed, to give non-developers access to pre-release versions of Mac OS X. The program aims to collect 'feedback on the quality and usability' of Mac OS X 'in environments that cannot be replicated by Apple'. So far it appears to be quite limited and available only by direct invitation from Apple."
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RE: Halcon missing
by tuzor on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 00:36 UTC in reply to "Halcon missing"
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It's not a new program

This article previously stated that the AppleSeed program itself is new. However, a few Ars readers let us know in the comments that the program itself has actually been around since at least 2003, though this is the first time we were made aware of the practice for Mac OS X. The same program is apparently also used to give industry professionals early access to Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and other software.

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RE[2]: Halcon missing
by dacresni on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 00:55 in reply to "RE: Halcon missing"
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It's not a new program

untill I read your comment I was sure this was a joke, by apple. Man I mis waz, and I didn't get into apple till 2000

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RE[3]: Halcon missing
by Anonymous Penguin on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 20:55 in reply to "RE[2]: Halcon missing"
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until I read your comment I was sure this was a joke, by apple.

Me too. I believed it was a belated April fool ;)

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RE[2]: Halcon missing
by kaiwai on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 01:48 in reply to "RE: Halcon missing"
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True but hopefully with a more controlled testing group it will mean that they can have one group on a specific area focusing in on one particular system feature; hopefully that'll mean that something Apple designs is tested in an environment for which it was designed and they're able to fine tune it in such a way for it. I wonder whether some of these changes are inline with new data centres being built along with the extension of the Apple campus.

Lion will be an interesting release with many developers so far pretty happy with XCode 4.x. Some of the changes should make debugging code a lot easier and developing a lot quicker over all especially with how LLVM is embedded into XCode 4.x ;)

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