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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu has released the first beta for Ubuntu 11.04. This si the first release where Unity is the default desktop environment. All the official Ubuntu derivatives have also bee beta'd.
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What a WACKO release...
by Jason Bourne on Sat 2nd Apr 2011 19:15 UTC
Jason Bourne
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I had given up on Ubuntu by December '10. Every now and then it would go unresponsive system at boot splash screen with no way to switch consoles, the only thing that worked was the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination and voila! But that was just one of several things that made me give up on Ubby and go straight to Fedora 14.

With Mark ShatterMyWorld announcements of window buttons going from right to left, and the announcement of Unity interface, I got really upset and apprehensive. Then I had waited to the first 11.04 beta (as you see, I still was holding my last breath for Ubby...) - after the installation I noticed that both Unity and Classic mode comes with default "Amiga/MacOS" global menu - the one that puts your text menu right into the panel, away from your application window.

If Ubuntu only kept the default GNOME menu layout, that would be just fine for me. But they had to go and change that too. Sure I can remove it with some clicks, by adding new panels and such, or maybe we get rebelled GNOME fans who will put up a website with available packages for system modifications, like some .deb package for us to get the previous behaviour with just a click.

All of this is very annoying. And it's not just me. There will be a huge user base that will get annoyed too. Specially the so loved Windows refugees now having to deal with a Amiga/MacOS rip-off interface that, in my vision, has no real logic at all. I doubt Ubby is figuring #1 at by the end of the year.

Mint and Fedora have the opportunity now to conquer the world, if they want to...

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RE: What a WACKO release...
by Wodenhelm on Sun 3rd Apr 2011 05:27 in reply to "What a WACKO release..."
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Sounds like yet another typical cynical comment. So Ubuntu isnt wanting to make their interface exactly like everything else. Big whoop. It's not that hard to change.

I personally prefer window Close on the left, with Min and Max on the right. Know what I did about it? I changed it myself.

While you're at it, complain about the wallpaper.

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Jason Bourne Member since:

You're not getting it. Windows has millions of users because they don't need to configure anything like that upon default install. Ubuntu looks for Windows refugees (look at bug #1 in launchpad) and I am afraid the target users now will become the Amiga/MacOS ones. Are you really confident that Windows newcomers will adopt the Amiga/MacOS global menu? Just wait and see.

Default settings usually have a huge impact on userbase, so it's just not a matter of yourself going there and change it.

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