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Editorial Rob Enderle wrote an intriguing editorial for Digital Trends entitled "You can't call 'time out' in Silicon Valley," which examines the current battle between Apple, Google and Microsoft over the future of computing. In it, he draws some interesting parallels from the history of warfare, and notes that Microsoft and Google have made some of the classic blunders that have caused great armies to fail dramatically.
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Enderle might be what you describe. But for me, who didn't know the guy and thus can't cringe at reading his name, David's article was an interesting read. So no, I don't think he wasted an entry. In fact, before reading the comments, I clicked the "recommend this" button.

On the other hand, some user comments seem totally useless.

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The fact that you do not recognize Enderle's name is why he still has the power to misinform and misdirect. I fear that by the time you come around to this same opinion, there will be a fresh crop of people that have not heard of him.

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My point was: remove his name or, if you can, forget that it's him who wrote the article, and it would not look like misinformation or misdirection any longer.

In and of itself, what I read isn't misinformation and it isn't a piece of intentional deception. Even delusional liars sometimes tell the truth. It might be what happened here.

But yes, I understand your point; it's like Nintendo having each other year a new batch of people beguiled by an umpteenth rehash of a Mario, Donkey Kong or Zelda game.

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