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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Register has posted a very unfavorable review of the new Ubuntu, focusing primarily on the new Unity Interface: "That's not to say there isn't much to love in Ubuntu 11.04 with the new Unity Interface being the primary news, but even for a beta this release is way too rough. Unity - regardless of what you think of it - isn't ready for prime time and it seems unlikely Canonical will iron out all its problems before the planned final release in April."
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RE[2]: Obvious alert...
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 4th Apr 2011 15:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Obvious alert..."
Bill Shooter of Bul
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Yeah, they can't do an ubuntu version of KDE 4.0. KDE thought they could do what they did because they understand that their releases aren't real releases. Distributions take their releases and test/tweak them a bit before it gets to most users. And as history sorta points out, KDE really didn't get away with that.

But, if Ubuntu is going to do Unity correctly, I think they may have to decouple its releases from Ubuntu's. This would allow them to get feedback and get testing on it even before a beta version of ubuntu.

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