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Windows Yes, the Windows 8 rumour mill is really spinning up now. This time around though, they're not really rumours, since the information is coming from Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott, long-time Microsoft enthusiasts with loads of insider access. They've got a bunch of screenshots showing a work in progress of... A ribbon in Explorer. And yes, it looks just as bad as it sounds.
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RE: Explorer UI
by pandronic on Mon 4th Apr 2011 19:33 UTC in reply to "Explorer UI"
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With the risk of being off-topic, congrats on your Stoffi Music Player. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I really try to use only programs that look native and blend very well into the general OS theme.

I've got a few suggestions if you don't mind, I hope they are useful and you'll take at least some of them into account:

- after installing I've found a folder called "Stoffi Installer" in the same folder as the exe installer. It would be nice if the installer would clean up after itself, or at least decompress into temp/
- the first start was kinda slow (not annoyingly slow, but I think it could be improved)
- even when Stoffi is minimized to tray it still appears in the Alt+Tab task list
- I have a lot of songs that have a typical filename: "Artist - Trackname.mp3" but no ID3 info. In the Library/Playlist view there is a whole lot of nothing for those tracks (maybe you could make a smart Artist - Track column? - which shows the filename without the extension if no ID3 info is present)
- When you click/double-click the name of the playing song it would be nice if the view would center on that song
- It would be great if you could also see the path in the Track information window
- Search is quite slow. If I type continuously it takes a while for each letter to appear. I think it would improve usability if you'd search only when the user stopped typing
- A way in the preferences/installer to set the OS'es file associations for audio files.

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RE[2]: Explorer UI
by pandronic on Mon 4th Apr 2011 20:10 in reply to "RE: Explorer UI"
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- When you are in another application and you use a global shortcut that has meaning also in that application, both the local and global shortcuts get activated. Expected behavior would be if only the global shortcut would work

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RE[3]: Explorer UI
by ephracis on Tue 5th Apr 2011 15:54 in reply to "RE[2]: Explorer UI"
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Great to hear that you like it. But since we don't want to disturb people with ideas on how to make a great program into an awesome one, let's continue this elsewhere.

I will put all your suggestions on when I find the time. Short answer: I will fix them all.

(have a few follow-up questions though, so please drop me a message on my gmail and we can figure it out, my name is ephracis there as well)

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