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Gnome The day is finally here, the day that the GNOME team releases GNOME 3.0, the first major revision of the GNOME project since 2002. Little of GNOME 2.x is left in GNOME 3.0, and as such, you could call it GNOME's KDE4. We're living in fortunate times, what, with two wildly divergent open source desktops.
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RE[2]: Sigh...
by Lennie on Wed 6th Apr 2011 20:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Sigh..."
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XFCE4 is now pretty high on my list, almost at the top.

I just did a little experiment and an XFCE4 install can look mostly like GNOME in about 20 minutes of tweaking.

I might go back to Debian on the desktop, in that case with XFCE4 if I don't like what GNOME or Ubuntu come up with.

And Thunar is much faster than Nautilus anyway. :-)

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RE[3]: Sigh...
by seanpk on Wed 6th Apr 2011 21:54 in reply to "RE[2]: Sigh..."
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Xfce has been my main work desktop for 2 years. It is great - I'm still using the 4.6 at work, but have tried 4.8 - which is even better.

With distro refreshes starting to pick up Xfce 4.8, it is a great time to give it a spin!

Or better yet, look at what Mint has done:
You get a debian testing base, with whatever Xfce version is there + all the Mint-ism.

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