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Gnome The day is finally here, the day that the GNOME team releases GNOME 3.0, the first major revision of the GNOME project since 2002. Little of GNOME 2.x is left in GNOME 3.0, and as such, you could call it GNOME's KDE4. We're living in fortunate times, what, with two wildly divergent open source desktops.
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RE[8]: Sigh...
by lucas_maximus on Thu 7th Apr 2011 10:32 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Sigh..."
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Seriously Windows works the same as it did back in 95.

The look is different and things have been reorganised but saying the UI experience is radically different is just ridiculous.

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RE[9]: Sigh...
by Icaria on Thu 7th Apr 2011 11:50 in reply to "RE[8]: Sigh..."
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When was the last time you use Win 95? Explorer not only looked completely different but behaved differently as well (spatial file management). The Control panel was a) a quarter of the size b) had no categorisation and c) launched external dialogue windows, as opposed to the ad hoc UIs that now replace the control panel about 1/2 the time. The start menu was recognisable as a menu, rather than being a multi-paned fixed-sized window w/ tree view abuse. With 7, even the taskbar is no longer recognisable, being about twice the size, having no text labels and little clear delineation of functionality. Ever since 95, every iteration has gotten more verbose, with more and more (supposedly) helpful text everywhere; you can't even replace a file any more w/o being presented with 3 paragraphs of text and links, links, hidden therein, which you need to find and click to progress. The once clearly defined titlebars, menubars, toolbars and statusbars have all been thrown in a blender and poured over your screen in an unpredictable manner, while Win 7 and 8 progressively depreciate them in favour of that monstrosity formally known as 'the ribbon'. Then you've got the NT gap, with whole concepts that didn't exist in Win 95, like permissions.

Windows 95 is worlds away from the current Windows desktop. And sadly, not always for the better.

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RE[10]: Sigh...
by lucas_maximus on Thu 7th Apr 2011 11:57 in reply to "RE[9]: Sigh..."
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Things evolve and change over time ... get used to it.

Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it is wrong or bad.

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RE[10]: Sigh...
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 8th Apr 2011 00:12 in reply to "RE[9]: Sigh..."
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When was the last time you use Win 95?

Yesterday. Its not radically different.

Gnome 3 is radical because there isn't a psuedo start menu, and the maximize and minimize buttons are gone. Thats what radical means in this context. Windows tweaks existing ways of working over time, such that users feel comfortable in the new environment. Keep in mind that comparing win 95 to seven is 17 years of incremental change. Gnome 2 to 3 is really just one day.

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