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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless sent us in an Android 2.2 tablet, the MID M80003W. They recently populated their store with a number of cheap tablets, so we thought it was a good idea to see what one could expect from these products that seem to have flooded the market recently.
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custom fw
by tsurugi on Fri 8th Apr 2011 08:54 UTC
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I don't think many of the cheapo manufacturers will have the budget, know-how, manpower or will to make a solid Android build for their devices. Best choice when buying a no-name tablet is to find a model that has an active community developing a custom firmware for it and just use that.

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RE: custom fw
by unclefester on Fri 8th Apr 2011 09:48 in reply to "custom fw"
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These machines are designed by specialist companies based in Taiwan and built under contract in Shenzen - just like virtually every major brand notebook.

99% of cheap tablets are destined for the Chinese domestic market.

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