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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless sent us in an Android 2.2 tablet, the MID M80003W. They recently populated their store with a number of cheap tablets, so we thought it was a good idea to see what one could expect from these products that seem to have flooded the market recently.
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RE[4]: Young market
by Alfman on Sat 9th Apr 2011 20:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Young market"
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"Apple don't sell an OS, they sell a tablet."

Pure semantics, they bundle the two together, and since the OS is not available seperately, it's not invalid to say that they do sell an OS.

Just because apple want to control everything from the hardware to to the operating system to the monopoly marketplace for software doesn't actually mean it's what the users need/want.

Before being sued into the ground, Psystar had demonstrated this quite clearly.

"A tablet that is a run away success whence we've had tablets since 2003 and they were a flop."

Many have tried and failed at tablets over the years (including apple, lets not forget). It seems that pricing and functionality needed to converge into something that consumers would be comfortable with before they would be a hit. And that's finally happening.

I'm positive I wasn't the only one eyeing the tablet PCs from a decade ago, the major setback was the enormous price tag compared to laptops.

Apple in particular was able to leverage it's iphone success into a viable tablet pc market. This gave customers a chance to upgrade their iphone, which was important. Otherwise, many would have seen the apple tablet as a downgrade from their PC. Hypothetically, without the iphone market to precede it, the apple tablet standing on it's own in a walled garden would probably be a flop.

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