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Legal Should I be sad or relieved? Groklaw, the website that played a central role in the SCO vs. sanity case, has just announced it will close up shop on May 16 of this year. Groklaw's place in history has been secured, surely, but in recent years, the site became more and more like a relic from the past, clearly stuck in the everyone vs. Microsoft mindset of the late '90s and early 2000s. Even in today's announcement post, Groklaw shows that its time has indeed come.
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All of us have both male and female traits.

It is actually more likely that there are no such things as male or female traits, but rather us/society putting gender labels on things we'd like to encourage for one gender and probably also discourage for others.

I.e. labelling something as female results in being less desirable to persue for men and vice versa.

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lol yea I'm sure nature has nothing to do with it.

I bet you also believe that girls only play with dolls because they are programmed to do so by society or tv.

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Try reading The Blank Slate by psychologists Professor Steven Pinker. eg Experiments show that little girls who are given toy trucks to play with often pretend the trucks are dolls and have "mummy" and "baby" trucks.

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There are no gender differences when kids are under 1 year old. After that they are entangled in culture. Girls play with cars and trains if people they pick as role models do so.

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