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Mozilla & Gecko clones Mozilla announced on Monday that it will reabsorb Mozilla Messaging and integrate it into Mozilla Labs, a team within Mozilla that incubates experimental projects.
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by greygandalf on Tue 12th Apr 2011 10:12 UTC
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I love seamonkey too. The interface is just friendly. It has the Firefox Engine which is proven, but I don't get the play on back/forward buttons, chrome-style interface as FF4... it ha an interface which doesn't get in your way, with menus and buttons in place where they should. And they do not change with each release.

The mail option is even better, I much prefer it to Thunderbird!

And, one has to try, Seamonkey remains quick and usable and is not heavier than Firefox. Perhaps because it has less bells&whistles.
It surely is easier than both FF+TB!

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RE: Seamonkey
by StephenBeDoper on Tue 12th Apr 2011 18:21 in reply to "Seamonkey"
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The mail option is even better, I much prefer it to Thunderbird!

What do you find preferable about the mail client?

Not trying to be confrontational, I'm genuinely curious - I've used TB for a few years now, but I've become increasingly fed up with it recently (mainly because of stuff like this, a problem that's been present since at least 2007: ).

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