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Red Hat "San Francisco‚Ä"Red Hat is the strongest Linux company in the world when it comes to servers, but it has almost no presence on the desktop. That will be changing in 2012 with the reintroduction of a Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments-based virtual desktop infrastructure."
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by kaiwai on Tue 12th Apr 2011 14:33 UTC
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If there is going to be a focus on the desktop then I think the most valuable contribution Red Hat can make is hiring 50 programmers to work full time on and making integration into GNOME/GTK+3 the top priority. The world runs on applications not operating systems, when Vista failed to get a hold in the business world, was it due to the operating system itself or the application incompatibilities running with Windows Vista? in the long run what there needs to be is a vibrant third party software for the desktop ecosystem for Linux to make it from the technical workstation to the average persons desktop.

Btw, side issue is the wayland server which hopefully will mean an improved experience for the end user once it replaces Xorg on most desktops. The raw ingredients for a great desktop operating system already exist but the problem is the lack of will power to bring that raw material together into a coherent product.

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