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Legal Well, it seems like Sony vs. George Hotz has ended pretty much without a bang. Sony announced on its Playstation blog that the two parties have settled the case. Under the settlement, Hotz agrees to a permanent injunction fo his jailbreaking hack, but admits to no wrong-doing. A wise and, dare I say it, mature end to the lawsuit.
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RE[4]: My take
by pfgbsd on Tue 12th Apr 2011 18:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: My take"
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Maybe the guy's got a life to live? See, Sony's lawyers are being paid to show up - he's not.

I agree... no one can force SONY to make available the "OtherOS" option but the jailbreak is out in the wild anyways. GeoHot made his point, and there was nothing to be achieved by keeping the trial going on. SONY gained nothing.

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