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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "BlackBerry maker Research In Motion launched its new PlayBook tablet computer Thursday amid poor reviews and a scramble to make more third-party applications, big hurdles to overcome if it is to compete in the hot market dominated by the iPad. The Waterloo, Ont., firm is pulling out all the stops to encourage development of apps - the games and tools that tie users to their tablets. Steps include loosening the company's own strict app-building rules, as well as the recent decision to support applications built for Google Inc.'s Android platform."
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What an exceptionally poor story
by No it isnt on Thu 14th Apr 2011 22:50 UTC
No it isnt
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Surely there must be something better to link to? For instance a story with links to the reviews? I mean, it hardly says anything at all.

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No it isnt Member since:

Thanks. I did in fact FGI, but most of the articles were fluff pieces with no real information.

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A very thorough review on Crackberry:

The verdict on that seems to be that it is still rough, yet shows promise.

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QNX is great but the GUI and gesture seems a little bit wonky for me, the lack of application is not an issue right now.

But the biggest negative point for me is the use of a special software for copying file on the device is a big letdown (that leave a big question mark on the linux support).
I guess I'll wait for the eee pad transformer, or buy a galaxy tab.

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