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Windows It looks like Microsoft's "shhh... let's not leak our hard work" plea to Windows 8 testers has fallen on deaf ears, as an early development milestone of Windows 8 was leaked in the wild. The shots are remarkably boring, since it looks exactly like Windows 7. Duh.
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RE: Comment by AnythingButVista
by bassbeast on Fri 15th Apr 2011 08:43 UTC in reply to "Comment by AnythingButVista"
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Uhhhh...and we would want this....why exactly? Those of us who know what an ISO is have Daemon Tools or Alcohol, and everyone else? probably needs to stay away from it. I'm in the process of teaching a friend my, as he calls it "Crazy multitasking knows everything ubergeek" thing and getting the average user to wrap their head around things like virtual drives? NOT in ANY way shape or form easy.

If MSFT has anyone left there with a brain they would LEAVE THE UI ALONE and concentrate on polish. The Windows 7 UI is frankly as close to perfect as one can get, it is intuitive enough those like my dad that have trouble even figuring out what an email is can find lots of features they never knew existed previously, while nice features like breadcrumbs and the new libraries make it easy for old guys like me to manage files easier.

So please MSFT, don't fix what ain't broke. Want to make Windows 8 a "must have"? Make it easy for guys like my dad to log into their office machine from home. Frankly RDP just doesn't cut it, it needs to be more like Homegroup. Make it easy to plug a USB backup drive into a machine at work and drag and drop files at home onto it, use BITS to make it work in the background without choking the connection.

There is so much you can do to make Windows even better without futzing up the good UI thing you have going with 7. You guys like to rip off Apple? Then rip off Apple and simply tweak while leaving the core UI alone for the most part like they do with OSX. If you futz with the UI too much I'll be wiping Win 8 to put on 7 for a year like I did with all the people wanting to "upgrade" from Vista to XP.

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Why wouldnt you want this? Daemon tools is loaded with crapware if your not careful. It seems like the best thing for everyone (except the people who sell this type of software) would be that its built in.

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Because I get Daemon Tool or Alcohol for free, and so can you? Just check "giveawayoftheday" .com once a day, you'll find all kinds of cool tools and they give away Daemon Tools Pro about every 6 months or so. If you don't want to wait just get Alcohol 52% and uncheck a single box that says install the toolbar.

As for why I wouldn't want this, you DO know they've had a virtual CD driver for XP for like forever, right? Frankly it sucks. it ONLY reads ISOs, and even then it is "picky" about how the ISO is made. Compare to something like Alcohol 52% which gives you up to FOUR virtual drives (I have two set up in DTP myself) and it will read ANY format you can name, from the big ones like .ISO and .BIN to the rare funky stuff like discjuggler.

So I wouldn't want this because like most of Windows pack ins it'll be a day late, a heck of a lot of features short, and frankly suck. It is like the difference between the pack in defrag and something like Defraggler. With the pack in you have NO options at all, and no real say on anything, whereas Defraggler I can tell it to move files to the end of the drive, optimize boot, defrag on boot, defrag only certain files, etc. it is like the difference between a sit down meal and a MickeyD's burger. Sure they are both considered "food" but that is where the similarity ends.

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