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OSNews, Generic OSes Ever since iPhoneOS (now iOS) has been released, there's an old fight going on about how multitasking should work on personal computers, and more specially what should happen to applications which are put in the background. Some advocate that they should be dipped in virtual liquid nitrogen and stop doing anything, like on iOS, which others advocate that they should continue to run in the background, like on desktop OSs. What about putting a little more flexibility in there?
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RE: Mix
by Neolander on Fri 15th Apr 2011 11:42 UTC in reply to "Mix"
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Don't you mixing scheduling, task priority and grouping ?

... I thing so.

To the best of my knowledge, scheduling is defined as the art of choosing what should be done when in situations where several processes and threads are competing for a resource. Be it disk I/O, CPU time, or whatever else one may think of.

See "Completely Fair Scheduler" discussions in LKML "to give a few details". ;-)

I'll see ;)

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