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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I couldn't get into it yesterday, but today is a new day, and I've got my coffee ready. So, let's dive into reviews of RIM's new toy, the PlayBook. Since my overall opinion on the whole tablet thing can be best summarised as 'meh', my interest regarding the PlayBook focusses mostly on its QNX operating system. As a long-time fan and even regular user of this wonderful piece of technology 'back in the day', I'm interested in what the reviews have to say about it.
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Hard to place faith
by wocowboy on Sat 16th Apr 2011 09:41 UTC
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3/4 of the article is about how Thom considers the entire tablet category of hardware to be useless, and how he just wants to review the OS. Then in the last 1/4 of the article he proceeds to do nothing of the kind. It is very difficult to place any value at all on a "review" of this nature, as the vast majority of it is just a simple rant on the device category. Nothing really to see here.

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RE: Hard to place faith
by Thom_Holwerda on Sat 16th Apr 2011 11:17 in reply to "Hard to place faith"
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Where did I claim this was a review?

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RE[2]: Hard to place faith
by thavith_osn on Sat 16th Apr 2011 12:17 in reply to "RE: Hard to place faith"
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He did put "review" in quotes, so I guess he was highlighting the fact that maybe it's not.

I think I do understand what you were thinking though. I do think it's hard on those trying to break into this market to find a product that will work right from the get go, and negative articles that pounce on them doesn't help their cause.

I have followed QNX for many years now, but have only had limited exposure to it. It would have been interesting if Apple had chosen that over Darwin. I think it's brilliant that RIM is going with it and I think the future will be bright if they can get the numbers behind the next few releases.

Having said that, I don't think the Xoom or this device should have been released yet until a lot (not all) of the bugs have been ironed out, or if you needed to really get them out there, then do what Apple did with OS X 10.0 (which you did refer too) and state that it's not for the public as such, but for early adopters. I don't believe either product launch did this, but if they did, then I apologise. OS X originally was a very slow buggy OS, but showed a lot of promise.

I think Apple did remarkably well with the iPad, and launched it with what they were ready with. Most of what was needed was there right from the launch, and the iPad 2 cemented this (adding some of the other features such as camera support). There are things missing of course, like better multitasking support, wireless sync etc, but they aren't show stoppers (well, not for the hordes who have bought one (I haven't for the record)).

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