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Google So, Google has been working on setting up an internet music service for a while now, and we even know some of the details about what Google wants it to look like. Sadly, however, rumour has it the negotiations with the music industry have been so frustrating, Google is contemplating abandoning the entire project altogether. This has led some to wonder - why doesn't Google, or a consortium of technology companies, just buy the music industry outright?
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Google can't afford that
by jefro on Sat 16th Apr 2011 17:23 UTC
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There is no way any company could buy record labels. They are controlled by major companies like the evil Sony and Disney. They'd never loose all that money.

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RE: Google can't afford that
by izomiac on Sat 16th Apr 2011 19:54 in reply to "Google can't afford that"
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Google is about half as big as Sony, so I'd say the purchase of a portion of the company is possible. IMHO, Sony would be in a stronger position of they ditched their record label. Back in the early days of MP3 players the hardware portion of the company kept putting out MP3 players that couldn't actually play MP3s, presumably to keep the music portion happy. Nowadays, iPods generate $3.391 billion in revenue for Apple, whereas Sony Music generates $1.33 billion for Sony.

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