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Google So, Google has been working on setting up an internet music service for a while now, and we even know some of the details about what Google wants it to look like. Sadly, however, rumour has it the negotiations with the music industry have been so frustrating, Google is contemplating abandoning the entire project altogether. This has led some to wonder - why doesn't Google, or a consortium of technology companies, just buy the music industry outright?
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RIchard James13
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Except the shield is tainted with corruption and the current alignment of Google means that they can't wield it.

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jabbotts Member since:

Ah.. you assume Google is Lawful Good I see.. I'd guess more Chaotic Neutral, maybe Lawful Evil in a few branches.

The could always assign the manager that thought siphoning off people's home network data was perfectly acceptable. He probably wouldn't have any issue standing out front holding the shield for the "gooder" folks to hid behind.

(I think I just used up my annual quota of "game talk outside game".)

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