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Internet & Networking "File Transfer Protocol (FTP) marks its 40th anniversary on Saturday (April 16). The venerable network protocol was first proposed by Abhay Bhushan of MIT in April 1971 as a means to transfer large files between disparate systems that made up ARPANet, the celebrated forerunner to the modern interweb. The protocol required a minimum of handshaking, and even more crucially was tolerant of temporary interruptions during long file transfer sessions, making it far more suitable for the job than anything available at the time or HTTP, which came years later."
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RE[2]: Comment by killasmurf86
by gumoz on Sun 17th Apr 2011 18:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by killasmurf86"
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I definitely hate Microsoft support of that Technology, in Visual Studio 2010 the ClickOnce assisted publish method only works with FTP (Microsoft's implementation of WebDAV sucks), 2011 and I can't use SSH friendly methods (I tunnel the connection by hand)

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RE[3]: Comment by killasmurf86
by Lennie on Mon 18th Apr 2011 11:20 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by killasmurf86"
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WebDAV is a pretty messy protocol anyway, trying to create a minimal version is already lots of code. Not counting the XML-parser.

There is a experimental API for HTML5 for multi-file upload (drag directory into browser).

It is just a simple POST.

That sounds like a much simpler solution.

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