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Features, Office Over the weekend, Oracle basically announced its defeat in the competition with the community-created fork of OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle will cease all commercial development of OpenOffice, and will turn it into a purely community-based project.
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"... Almost every customer I’m going to I’m installing LibreOffice, and any time someone is buying a new computer I’m advising them not to purchase MSOffice unless they are working within a business environment...

Otherwise known as spreading religious dogma.
Or perhaps known as offering great customer service. Most IT shops would prefer to sell you a copy of Office and make their cut than provide something that offers value for money. Good on him I say ;)

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The individual that you save $100 today might one day use OpenOffice to send in a resume that looks garbled to the employer.

People still send resumes as .doc? I thought most saved them as PDF these days.

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Not only do I send PDF files as my resume's, I have been able to print out Word documents in DOCX format on a Windows machine without Microsoft Office installed on it. Microsoft supplies a Word Viewer program for free that can be upgraded to support all Word formats. It, like PowerPoint Viewer, is sufficient for my office needs in conjunction with LibreOffice and OO.o.

I only wish more Microsoft Office users would download the free plugin to load and save ISO standard OpenDocument file formats instead of the only partially disclosed OOXML file formats. One thing that always has gotten my goat about Microsoft is the way they scuttle industry standards with proprietary products that deliver only equivalent results. OpenGL and DirectX suffer the same problem. I'm happy with both my Mac and Linux machines and hope I never need to shell out the big bucks for either Microsoft Office or Windows ever again.

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The individual that you save $100 today might one day use OpenOffice to send in a resume that looks garbled to the employer.

I use a universal format... It's called printing it on a piece of paper. I rarely have problems with that.

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