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Features, Office Over the weekend, Oracle basically announced its defeat in the competition with the community-created fork of OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle will cease all commercial development of OpenOffice, and will turn it into a purely community-based project.
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You're not telling me anything new and you probably assume I like MS Office as much as you like OpenOffice. In reality I don't like any modern office suite. They all annoy me. The issue is that I couldn't recommended OpenOffice to a student knowing full well he might one day run into the 1% problem, regardless of whether I tell him to send resumes in PDF and also follow instructions x y and z. People can be told instructions and then later ignore them. Promoting alternatives on the internet is fine and good but I'm not going to put my name on them in real life. I've done that before and got burned. OpenOffice does not guarantee 100% compatibility with DOC or DOCX. I came across a OO forum before where an OpenOffice user was told by an admin to buy MS Office after his paper was scrambled. You want to do personal advocacy, that's fine. I'm just explaining my position which is based on real world experience.

If you use the "file open" command in LibreOffice, and pull down the list of supported formats, you can count one hundred and fifteen different file formats supported.

MS Office can't open more than 10% of those, let alone guarantee 100% compatibility. Legacy versions of MS Office also does not guarantee 100% compatibility with DOC or DOCX.

If you were serious and truthful with your recommendations, you would tell people that they are far more likely to have success opening a variety of files with LibreOffice than with Microsoft Office.

MS Office does not support any approved standard format (including ODF, which it makes an utter mess of). docx is NOT the approved OOXML standard.

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What planet do you live on? I think I've had someone send me an ODF file once and it was years ago.

Like it or not but DOC/DOCX are the common formats of the world.

Anyone who receives an ODF file can still install OpenOffice. I realize that isn't the "stick it to MS" solution but it guarantees 100% compatibility with both formats.

I only give a recommendation when asked and it is based on the user's needs.

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What planet do you live on? I think I've had someone send me an ODF file once and it was years ago.

That is because when a LibreOffice/OpenOffice user first sends a file to a MS Office user, then disenfranchised functionality-poor MS Office user cannot open it, and they complain bitterly. The LibreOffice/OpenOffice user finds out about saving as other formats, so they save it as a .doc file and subsequently the functionality-poor MS Office user shuts up.

Poor little dears. Fortunately the power of the LibreOffice/OpenOffice suite saves the MS Office users from missing out, otherwise they would be stranded on their platform.

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