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Features, Office Over the weekend, Oracle basically announced its defeat in the competition with the community-created fork of OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle will cease all commercial development of OpenOffice, and will turn it into a purely community-based project.
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"The individual that you save $100 today might one day use OpenOffice to send in a resume that looks garbled to the employer.

People still send resumes as .doc? I thought most saved them as PDF these days.

Good luck with that. For two years before I was hired at my current job back in September I was sending out PDF resumes and the most common response I got back was "Can you send it to me in word?". Somehow people prefer to use an expensive, proprietary piece of software just to read a brain dead proprietary format instead of reading an open format with various FREE readers. I just don't get it but it's true.

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The reason for wanting .doc Cv's is that many agencies then reformat it and wrap it in their corporate branding before sending out to companies.

I've seen the same CV in at least four different formats recently. The text was the same (including the mistakes (sigh)) but the 'branding' was very different.
One agency's 'stuff' was so intrusive it turned a two page Cv into a 5 page one. Needless to say we didn't use them. IMHO, that goes too far and is much like the Ad riddled web sites we see so commonly these days.

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And that's the probably the best reason to keep using PDF ... middlemen can't (easily) modify the resume. Yes, PDF isn't perfectly, completely, securely read-only, but it's pretty damned close. I like to know that what I send is actually what is received/read, and that it hasn't been marked up by some yahoo trying to "help" me.

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