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Features, Office Over the weekend, Oracle basically announced its defeat in the competition with the community-created fork of OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Oracle will cease all commercial development of OpenOffice, and will turn it into a purely community-based project.
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I just reinstalled Office, compelte uninstall, reboot and reinstall. This is the second time this week. It seems MS Office on my VP's workstation randomly decides it doesn't read it's own Powepoint files. The files are fine when opened on another machine.

So, a 1% issue with Open Office is a problem but a 1% issue with MS Office is all good then I guess.

(edit): another fun one
Open Office likes to specify the tab name even when it's a cell formula on the local worksheet. This makes sense, an absolute path can point to a cell in the curent sheet or any of the other sheets (tabs).

Excel can't handle this. If a cell formula speicfies a sheet name, it must be a different sheet than teh current one. Why can't Excel manage this very simple thing? Why must I then edit the cell formulas back to relative paths just so Excel can can calulate the resulting cell value? If MS Office is the best everzez; why can't it deal with absolute paths in addition to relative paths in cell formulas pointing back to the there own worksheet?

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